Brazilian Treatments

Edan Edan Salon

Application of Keratin Treatment

Hair is thoroughly washed of any product with a special clarifying shampoo. Hair is blown 50-100% dry with hair dryer and brush then sectioned with the solution applied thoroughly to every strand. Each strand & section is then straightened up to 3 times (depends on health of hair) with a 350-450-degree flat iron. This infuses the keratin solution into the hair. Results are frizz free, soft, shiny hair ready for whatever you are.

Brazilian Keratin

The revolutionary keratin process transforms curly, damaged, or frizzy hair into wash-and-go, silky locks for up to three months depending on how the customer takes care of it. The Keratin Treatment also eliminates frizz and makes hair more manageable. Made from keratin protein, the treatment repairs previous damage and protects your hair from future harm in one fell swoop. Treatment takes between 90 minutes and three hours to complete, depending on hair length and texture.

Brazilian Blowout

Come experience a fabulous blow-dry by the experts. Blow Dry from frizz to fabulous, anything you’re comfortable with, full of body and volume, or silky-smooth straight strands that adds shine and smoothness. Our unique techniques will give you a smooth finish lasting for days. This service takes roughly 1.5 - 3 hrs depending on your hair thickness and length.

Styling After Keratin

Blow-dry your hair after washing, but avoid using hair products after the first shampoo. You don’t need root lifting sprays, mousse, hairspray or gels to style your hair after a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. The protein mass will hold your hair in the right style without need for styling products. Chemical-free products can be used, but an overuse of styling products could make your hair look dull and dirty. Instead, blow dry and run a flat iron over the hair to manage your strands into the right style to extend the length of your Brazilian keratin treatment.

Post Keratin Treatment

For three days after the treatment has been applied, avoid getting your hair wet, including washing. Make sure to give your hair time to blend with the keratin. Leave your hair down and un-styled for the first few days after a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. The keratin is still malleable for the first few days, so hair accessories can leave dents in your hair. If you want to tie your hair up, wait until the keratin has been in the hair for at least three days, and then use a soft hair tie for short intervals of time.

After Treatment Management

Avoid excess hair washing in order to maintain your desired look longer. The results wash out gradually. Be wary of exposing your hair to high levels of chlorine or salt water, and always cover your hair during intervals of high sun exposure. These factors will reduce the lifespan of the treatment.